About me

I am trained as a neurobiologist, have a PhD in Neuroscience. Currently I am interested in understanding the heterogeneity of gene expression and noise in regulating the fate decisions in single cells as well as in the population of the cells hopefully there by can I apply game theory. That’s my job! In this website, I kind of outline things I normally interested in. Piqued by general curiousity I tried to read everything I can to spur my interest in different subjects to have a view on things around me. I faithfully follow blogs of many eminent academicians and writers, you can find the links on the blogs I follow ( under construction). I have been also sharing others article in social media for the last years, which I had compiled in one folder for my records not to slip away from my memory.

Recently, I decided to write my own blog primarily on neuroscience ( I hope in the future I can write on other topics in science and also in art,that’s too ambitious, hmm.. ) because I always have fun in trying to understand how brain perceives and retrieves information. Contrary to many of the blogs, I will not write art of literature or the essence of the work as you can find excellent perspectives of the topic of interest in the science journals and also partly due to the paucity of time. I am penning my thoughts on what are the impending experiments one can think of doing with respect to the published work and what the future holds to give a holistic view on the topic of discussion and hence unfortunately it may not be written in a simple way for an easy read. I tried to think, interpret and question the published work and I hope it can offer leads or hypothesis for anyone to test. Its more fun to be selfless in science..

Civilisation has put up fences that people can no longer leap across; a certain type of mind is worth less. The choices modern life imposes are duller, more cramped.Isaiah Berlin once divided thinkers into two types. “Foxes, he wrote, know many things; whereas hedgehogs know one big thing. The foxes used to roam free across the hills. Today the hedgehogs rule”.