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I decided to write this blog because I always have fun in trying to understand how brain perceives and retrieves information. Contrary to many of the blogs, I will not write art of literature as you can find excellent perspectives of the topic of interest in the published journals and also partly due to the paucity of time. I am penning my thoughts on what are the impending experiments one can think of doing with respect to the published work and what the future holds to give a holistic view on the topic of discussion. I tried to think, interpret and question the published work and I hope it can offer leads or hypothesis for anyone to test.

Paying my homage and respect to Dr. Abdul Kalam

Why do more than a billion of people in the country felt- heart wrenched of the demise of Dr. APJ Kalam? A country plagued with so many problems unites to salute and pay homage to a great human being. I do wonder, why? Is it because of all the possible accolades he possess with the…

New dancers to the tunes of the rap “ GABA”

One of the cardinal questions in the field of neurosciences is to understand how brain receives, process, consolidates and retrieve information. Work from many laboratories for many decades reached a consensus that synaptic plasticity, in other words the plasticity displayed by the synapses. ( in the brain encodes the behavioural plasticity. The dogma of memory…

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