Could a neurobiologist understand a microprocessor? As much it raises eyebrows of people, it’s a wake up call or soul searching for the community – A beautiful paper

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A landmark paper, a wake up call for the community. May be our over drafted notion of how brain might work need to be reassessed. The behaviour logic of how brain operates is a far-fetched calls. As accompanied in the beautiful commentary by Ed Young , "To move forward, Jonas says that neuroscientists need to put more effort into testing their theories about the brain. “There are a lot of theories about how different parts of the brain might function, but they don’t make falsifiable predictions. They have so many different knobs you can turn that they can be arbitrarily extended to fit arbitrary bits of data. It’s very hard to kick any of these ideas to the curb.” - Excerpt from the article

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  • sphinyx
    June 21, 2016 - 10:44 am · Reply

    This is what was exactly proposed by Jannis Vlachos and co-workers a few years ago..…/fninf.2013.00043/full where they challenged the community in 2013 with an elegant crowd sourced network model. Hope this gets as much as attention as it deserves as the recent article from the Berkeley guys in 2016.
    Can we infer the function of a biological neural network (BNN) if we know the connectivity and activity of all its constituent neurons?

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