Paying my homage and respect to Dr. Abdul Kalam

Why do more than a billion of people in the country felt- heart wrenched of the demise of Dr. APJ Kalam? A country plagued with so many problems unites to salute and pay homage to a great human being. I do wonder, why? Is it because of all the possible accolades he possess with the dints of his merits or is it because he spearheaded the missile program of India to bring the country to limelight? I will argue not! We have or had eminent academicians and great rulers. I believe he reached billions of people in the country by the virtue of his kindness, compassion, empathy towards others, selflessness and never discriminated  by what they possess! This man, who walked on this planet and we were privileged to have him never need any self-promotion, he stands for bridging people together by the sheer force of love and knowledge. As history repeatedly teaches us again and again you win over others through practicing non-violence, tolerance and spreading love across. That’s what great men such as Gandhi, Mandela, Dalai Lama to name a few all stand for so as APJ Abdul Kalam. I have the pleasure to live in the same decade as you lived and your life will be a lesson at least for me to shed off my king-sized ego; selfishness; hatred and hopefully I can upgrade myself to a human being. Paying my respect and homage to a great role model of what is to be a great human being!RIP Dr.APJ Kalam, the best president we had in my generation till date and not sure this will change in my life time. “The wings of fire” will always instigate spark in the minds of millions of children in the country to dream big and taught us how to live life with a meaning to yourself and to the world around us! The legacy will always stay, an irreplacable loss for the society.

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