Transition from Academia to Industry – Mike Ehlers take

Mike Ehlers departure from academia to Pfizer, when he was at the peak of his career was a major surprise to many of the neurobiologists. He was considered as one of the excellent neuronal cell biologists and his foray into industry at his young age was a shock for academics. Telling new lessons what it takes to be in industry and debunking those myths embraced deeply by academic world about science culture in industry is an eye-opener. I often heard from the colleagues that they are panning a move to the ease-route of industry science from  academics, apparently this turns out to be not a smooth road as like that of clinging in some barks in the trees of academia. An excellent read from one of my science hero’s whose works helps me in learning the cell biology of synapses.
” For those transitioning to industry from this position, it is also important to recognize all that you don’t know and to approach the challenge of drug discovery and development with humility, because it is a daunting challenge.Then I joined industry myself, and I came away humbled by my limited appreciation of drug discovery and real-world translational science” – An excerpt! Next time, when you think of moving to industry throw yourself an intrsopective shout and as the primer ends ” Go forth”and “embrace the exciting intellectual and social skills” industry science can offer.

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